Travel Insurance

Travel Insurances
It is a condition of joining any of our trips that be protected against comprehensive expenses potential to incur due to medical issues or accidents (to include air ambulance, helicopter rescue, and treatment costs). Please be noted that we don’t arrange or sell insurance.
A relaxed trip is not possible without good travel insurance. In the event of any sickness or injury, the cost of emergency treatment and evacuation is shocking. Therefore, travel insurance is strongly recommended for everyone who signs up with Dream Carrier Treks. We strongly recommend that you be careful while choosing a policy as some makes special exceptions for adventure travel. Before buying your insurance make sure your insurer is aware of the Dream Carrier adventure itinerary that you are going to undertake and is agreeable to cover all activities being undertaken in the trip. Such as if you are planning trekking or climbing/expedition in Himalayas your insurance must cover emergency air ambulance/helicopter rescue including medial expenses. For a group tours in urban areas, your insurance coverage of ambulance or helicopter rescue is not mandatory, however better to have with them too. Again, in Tibet trips there is no possibility of helicopter rescue, so no need to buy the air ambulance coverage in Tibet trips. Also, check your insurance policy firmly to even include trip cancellation, as all deposits paid are non-refundable.
You need send us your copy of your insurance policy (e.g. your insurance certificate) or carry it with you while you come on the trip.
Recommended Travel Insurance Companies for your kind information.
For Travelers from USA and CANADA

Online Global Health Insurance
Insure My (Online Insurance Aggregator)
Mondial Assistance
Access America
HCC Medical Insurance Services
Good Neighbor Insurance (International Health)
International Health
Insure my Trip dot Com
MultiNational Underwriters
TIC Travel Insurance Coordinators Ltd
Travel Assist
For Travelers from England

Specialty Group (UK) Limited
FirstAssist Services Limited
Harrison Beaumont
Buy cheap travel insurance
For Travellers from EUROPE and SLOVENIA

Assistance CORIS
For Travellers from AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND

Cover More Travel Insurance
CGU Insurance Limited
For Travellers from SOUTH AFRICA

Travel insurance Consultants Pty .Ltd
DECLARATION: These insurance companies are just for recommendation / kind information which are recommended by our previous travelers.