Why Choose

•Safety is our primary consideration. We are very careful in organizing all our Himalayan treks and expeditions, both for the safety of our customers and our staff. Due too our diligence we are proud to note that not a single accident has taken place on any of our treks and expeditions.
•We organize all of our treks in an eco-friendly way, in order to keep the environment clean and enjoyable for future generations.
•We use best quality equipment for all of our treks and expeditions, well tested against the rigors of Himalayan use.
We take care of our staff. We believe in operating our company like a family. Not only is it the right thing to do but when the staff is happy they provide better service to our customers.
•We pay our guides and porters fair wages and ensure that they have the proper equipment for all treks. We have invested in a large collection of quality outdoor gear to ensure that our porters properly clothed on high altitude treks.
•We fully guarantee first-class Himalayan treks and expeditions in all locations in which we operate: Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, India, and Pakistan.
•Our trekking and mountaineering crew is very experienced in looking after our guests in the Himalayas and will ensure that your trek or expedition will go smoothly.
•We have treks for people with all interests and needs, designed to ensure ample time to not only to reach the destination but also to explore the environment, cultural heritage, and lifestyle of the people along the way.
•Our guests can walk at a speed comfortable to them while carrying only a daypack. The Hygienic and tasty food that is served on the trek is wholesome and varied, with fresh supplies purchased along the way. Our cooks go our of there way to please our guests.
•We care about the communities we operate in not only do we try to offer employment within the local communities but we also donate a portion of our proceeds to support scholarships and educational opportunities for the less fortunate children of Nepal, through the registered NGO, Networking Education for Poverty Alleviation among Locals (NEPAL).