Bhutan Laya Gasa Trek


20 Days


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This is the most popular trek in Bhutan. This trek you get for 14 days & experience life in the rugged terrains of northern Bhutan & also interact with the rural highlanders. Nothing can beat the beauty of the vivid mountains you get to witness throughout the trek. The Gasa hot springs which a wait you at the end of the trek is the reward for completing the trek. One of the most popular hot springs of Bhutan, the Gasa hot springs offer healing properties for all king of ailments such as body aches, skin diseases, sinusitis, gastritis, renal problems and bronchitis. The inhabitants of these tow valleys are nomads subsisting almost entirely on the produce and products of sheep and yaks. The many lakes in Seo Valley are every angler’s wildest dream come true. At Lingshi is picturesque remnant of a once migltly border fortress is now the residences of the valley administrator. From his hill a day's trek is all it takdes to cross over the plateau of Tibet. Heading East over the 3 high passes of Gobuala 4650m, jarila 4600m and Shinjela 4900m lays the valley of Laya. Herds of the rare Tarkin can be seen enroute to Tashi Jathang valley. Laya lies in the Masakhang mountain region which is the source of the Mo Chu flowing through Punakha. The inhabitants of Laya s an ethnic group arequite different form the rest of the Bhutanese people. Like the people so Seo and Lingshi they too are nomads. Along the way to Punakha, the old capital lays historic Gasa fort and the famous popular hot sping in Gasa.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1 Arrive Paro & Sightseeing

Day 2 Paro Sightseeing

Day 3 Start of Trek Paro / Shana

Day 4 Shana – Thangthangkha

Day 5 Thangthangkha– Jangothang

Day 6 Jangothang – Halt

Day 7 Jangothang – Lingshi

Day 8 Lingshi – Chebisa

Day 9 Chebisa – Shomuthang

Day 10 Shomuthang – Robluthang

Day 11 Robluthang – Lemithang

Day 12 Lemithang – Laya

Day 13 Laya Halt

Day 14 Laya – Koena

Day 15 Koena – Gasa Hot Spring

Day 16 End of Trek – Gsa Hot spring -Punakha

Day 17 Punakha – Thimphu

Day 18 Thimphu Halt

Day 19 Thimphu-Paro

Day 20 Departure

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